Body, Birth & Baby is a holistic private midwifery practice, with a health and wellness-based approach to educating on all things body, birth and baby. We are passionate about empowering women by educating them, using an evidence-based approach and we will help you to make informed choices confidently. Through our education services, we will teach you about how best to maintain a healthy, active pregnancy, and about how your body works and how to encourage your baby to get into an optimal position for birthing.  We will help you to remove the fear you may have around going into labour and giving birth and show you how everything you need is already within you and how to optimise your birthing experience. 

We also offer a home visiting service after your baby is born. We are very passionate about supporting women to breastfeed and teaching women about normal newborn behaviour. We are able to visit women in Melbourne at home for the first six weeks with medicare rebates available. This offers mothers and their families an extra level of support in what can be an unfamiliar and challenging time.

Our services include:

One-on-One Antenatal Education

Postnatal Home Visiting Service

Facetime/ Skype Education sessions 

Childbirth Education Group Classes

Is Body, Birth & Baby right for you?

Our postnatal home visiting service will suit:

  • Women and families wanting more home visits than what their hospital and council service can offer

  • Women wanting extra, qualified support in the comfort of their own home

  • Women wanting extra support with breastfeeding

  • Women who saw us during their pregnancy and wanting to continue the relationship with a known midwife

  • Women hoping to reduce their risk of postnatal depression by surrounding themselves with extra support

Our pregnancy education appointments will suit:

  • Women birthing in any model of care (public hospital, private hospital or at home)

  • Women who have pregnancy, labour, birth, postnatal or breastfeeding questions they would like answered by an experienced, qualified professional

  • Women looking for an extra level of education beyond what group education classes can offer

  • Women looking for assistance writing their birth plan