Meet The Midwives 

Alex (blonde) & Amber (brunette)

Alex (blonde) & Amber (brunette)


Director of Body, Birth & Baby

Hi I'm Amber... Welcome to Body, Birth & Baby!!

I have been a midwife for six years now and have spent the majority of my career working in a caseload program at a large tertiary hospital in Melbourne. Through my years working in continuity of care where I was the primary caregiver for women in pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatal care, including home visiting, I gained expertise in educating women how to have an optimal pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding/ postnatal experience. It made me want to provide more women in the community with this education and knowledge... which is why I started Body, Birth & Baby. I was lucky enough to find an amazing partner Alex, her and I are both SO passionate about educating women about having an active and healthy pregnancy, to take the fear out of birth and set them up with knowledge and preparation for successful breastfeeding, and to support them for the first six weeks after birth. I am a strong believer in knowledge is power and empowering women to make informed choices that align with them. 

Personally, I am extremely passionate about health and wellness, I love yoga, reformer pilates, gym workouts, going for fresh air walks, listening to wellness podcasts and i love reading books about nutrition and personal development. I love my weekly trips to the market, where I buy an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables and I'm very passionate about cooking nutritous meals and guilt free treats. I love my daily green juice and my favourite way to socialise is my weekly infrared saunas and chai latte dates and catch ups over coffee and smashed avo with poached eggs! 

I would love to spread my knowledge and teach you how to optimise your body, birth & baby!

A x


Director of Body, Birth & Baby


Hi, I’m Alex, and I am so excited to meet you! 

I am a Registered Midwife and Nurse. I completed my course at La Trobe University in 2012, after moving to Melbourne from a small town in regional Victoria. I have been working at a large public hospital in Melbourne for over 6 years. In this time I have cared for hundreds of women and their families in pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatally, including home visits.  I spent 2 years working as a caseload midwife in a continuity of care model which really opened my eyes to how beautiful and sacred the bond between mother and baby is.  I am so passionate about working with women to educate them about the changes they are experiencing with their body and in preparing them for their baby’s birth, but also looking past the birth to assist women and their families to have some idea of what to expect when you take your baby home. I believe knowledge is power when it comes to having your baby! The more you know, the less surprises there will be. 

I am a firm believer that for most women, pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding are a normal physiological process. My mission is to help women feel empowered and for them to feel confident in taking responsibility for their bodies, their births and their babies. I will aim to arm you with all the knowledge and skills you need to feel like the superwoman that you are. YOU’VE GOT THIS! 

When I am not working, I love getting along to yoga classes, meeting friends for brunch, going for long walks, enjoying mother nature, experimenting with essential oils, trying out nutritious recipes, shopping at my local farmer’s market, spending time with family and working out in the gym with my personal trainer. I cannot get enough of reading personal development and midwifery books, listening to eye (ear?)-opening podcasts and spending time with my Poodle x Shih Tzu dog, Minnie. I would usually add in here that I love coffee too, but I have recently taken a break from it. Tumeric latte it is!