Shared Care

Body, Birth & Baby offer shared care for women booked to birth at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Parkville or Sandringham.  Shared care is a model of care that means your pregnancy care is shared between care providers at your hospital, and midwives at Body, Birth & Baby. The majority of your appointments will be with Body, Birth & Baby and approximately 3-4 appointments will be at the hospital. The benefits of seeing a midwife at Body, Birth & Baby for shared care include:

-Seeing the same midwife at each of your shared care appointments

-No waiting times

-Flexible appointment times

-Education provided on an individual needs basis at each appointment

-Longer appointment times

-Midwives at Body, Birth & Baby also work at The Women’s Hospital and therefore have a good relationship with hospital care providers

At Body, Birth & Baby your first appointment is bulk billed. Medicare rebates are available for subsequent appointments which keeps your out of pocket expenses low. See our pricing page for more information.

Schedule of Visits

Example of schedule of visits:

8-12 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

12-16 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

16-20 weeks: Hospital midwife and doctor

24-26 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

26-28 weeks: Hospital midwife (if wanted)

30 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

33 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

36 weeks: Hospital doctor

38 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

40 weeks: Body, Birth & Baby

41 weeks: Hospital doctor (unless birth of baby before 41 weeks)

Or email:

Or phone:

Alex - 0408 569 919

Amber - 0431 547 855