Before Birth

Shared Care

Initial Pregnancy Appointment (Approx. 60mins)- BULK BILLED

Short Pregnancy Appointment (Approx. 30mins)- $45.00 - Medicare rebate of $27.50*

Long Pregnancy Appointment (Approx. 45 minutes)- $75.00 - Medicare rebate of $45.50*


Education appointment (60 minutes)- $110.00 - Medicare rebate of $45.40*

Education appointment (90 minutes)- $150.00 Medicare rebate of $45.50*

Group Childbirth Education

6 hours - $280 . Held once a month. Book online via

After Birth

Postnatal Home Visit (Greater than 40mins) - $150 - Medicare Rebate of $66.75* (May include travel fee)


Facetime/ Skype sessions- $30/ per 15 minutes (No rebate)

Please email if you have further questions about our fees - we understand it can be confusing.

 * Medicare rebates may be subject to change depending on your safety net, please check with Medicare/ myGov app for more details