Education Appointment

This is a 1:1 appointment (or 1:2 if you bring your support person along) for any women, booked at any hospital, who would like to prepare themselves for labour, birth and life with a newborn. This appointment can cover absolutely anything you wish to learn about - optimal fetal positioning, how to hand express, how to breastfeed, normal newborn behaviours, your options for labour and birth. This is ideal for couples who chose not to attend childbirth education classes, or for couples who want extra information on top of their classes. This appointment will last 1 hour and you can book as many as you like. Medicare rebate available.

Postnatal Home Visit

Book a visit with an experienced midwife to support you once you have arrived at home. We can support you with breastfeeding, expressing, feeding plans, knowing what’s normal for nappies for newborns, caring for yourself in recovery after birth, sleep/ settling/ coping strategies and much more. We can visit you anytime in the first 6 weeks after birth. If you’re unsure if this appointment is for you contact us at or 0408 569 919 to discuss. When booking online it will only allow you to book on a Tuesday but please contact us if you require a home visit on a different day. We can usually accommodate. We travel all over Melbourne, including surrounds. Travel fees may incur to visit outer suburbs. This appointment will last around 60mins. Medicare rebate available.

Please contact us if you don’t know what appointment you need! We are happy to discuss!

Alex - 0408 569 919

Amber - 0431 547 855