What is Holistic Childbirth Education?

What is Holistic Childbirth Education? What does Holistic mean? How does it differ to normal Childbirth Education?

A ‘holistic approach’ means thinking about the ‘big picture’, taking into consideration all aspects, so therefore in pregnancy/ birth/ parenting, it means focusing not only on physical aspects, but also emotional/ social/ spiritual etc.


Our classes cover what you can do in pregnancy physically in preparing your body for birth including using movement and positioning techniques to relax your muscles from massage and rubbing techniques and exercise in pregnancy.

They cover ‘optimal fetal positioning’, teaching you positioning and movement to help get your baby into the optimal position for birthing.

We go through meditation and the importance of mentally preparing yourself for labour/ birth/ breastfeeding/ parenting and teaching you how to breathe and meditate.

We teach you how to ‘prime’ your body for labour and natural methods of induction.

The importance of relaxation!

We also discuss where you would benefit from collaboration with other health practitioners e.g. chiropractors, osteopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists and physiotherapists.

We include at least one guest speaker of a different health professional that focuses on pregnancy providing you with useful tips and resources.

Labour & Birth:

Our labour and birth education of course covers all the usual… onset of labour, when to call the hospital/ come in/ the anatomy of cervical changes and what’s happening to your body in labour, contractions, pain relief options, pushing phase, 3rd stage of labour- placenta and skin to skin with your baby post birth

However, we take it one step further and we teach you:

  • How to have trust in your body and take the fear out of birth

  • How your hormones are your helpers and learning what they are doing in different stages of labour and how to optimise your hormones!

  • A skill set to set you up at home in early labour to labour in a ‘fear- free’ zone, using pain management strategies including breathing, TENS and water immersion

  • How to cope when you have a ‘crisis of confidence’

  • Breathing!

  • Mindset mindset mindset!

  • Using your physical body to optimise your labour and birth including encouraging baby into a good position

  • How your environment in labour plays more of a role than you would think and how to set up the right environment for you!



For us teaching you about the postpartum stage is so essential because so many women say “I was so prepared for the birth but that was over so quickly in the scheme of things and then I had no idea what to do with a baby.” We hear it all the time!

We teach about the benefits of skin to skin and breastfeeding, teaching you the fundamentals of breastfeeding, how to be relaxed and the importance of that relaxation when you have your bub. We teach you about normal newborn behaviour including the cues and how to learn about your newborn!

We also talk about the ‘fourth trimester’, what that means in how to make your newborn feel loved/ safe/ settled after birth. PLUS SO MUCH MORE!

We also give you resource bags… these included lists of our favourite books/ podcasts/ resources that will help you further your knowledge. This includes a $20 voucher off both our pregnancy one-to-one appointments (that we recommend doing at 37 weeks so we can teach you about breastfeeding, hand expressing and set you up with a breastfeeding plan) and $20 voucher off our home visiting service, because once you have had your baby it’s so useful having an experienced midwife come to your house to watch a feed, assist with attachment, weigh your baby and give you support and reassurance!

For more information head to the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website, to book in our Holistic Childbirth Education Class head to the Holistic Childbirth Education page, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Click here to book”

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The amazing physio guest speaker Nick, teaching relaxation and massage!

The amazing physio guest speaker Nick, teaching relaxation and massage!